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Thanks Ann for your saddle fitting expertise.  Your engineering background, analytical way of thinking and collaborative style were a true joy to work with.  Your were able to listen to all my concerns and discuss cause and effect possibilities and then address these issues in the saddle fit, for both me and my horses. Thanks for helping to keep my horses' backs so happy!

- Jane Braddock (USEA Certified Instructor and USDF Bronze Medalist) 
As a dressage instructor and trainer, having properly fitting saddles is essential to the performance of both my equine and human clients.  Ann does an exceptional job of ensuring that saddles are properly balanced for the rider and well fitted to the horses.  She is easy to contact for scheduling appointments, is diligent and thorough in her work, and welcomes client and trainer feedback.  Jacobson’s Saddle Fitting does a great job of keeping my clients' saddles comfortable and balanced for both horse and rider, so they can concentrate on performing their best.

- Sarah Travis (former assistant trainer for Betsy Steiner)
I'd recommend Ann to anyone.  She's reliable and responds quickly to scheduling requests.  My horse is on month 7 of a 12 month rehab.  He's lost muscle mass, so Ann needed to create a short term fit for my saddle while his muscles continue to develop.  She worked with my trainer to make sure her fitting was in sync with rider and horse.  Ann spent the right amount of time to fully understand how to approach her fitting.  We ride at the same barn which makes it easier, but she's continued to keep an eye on me after our fitting.  I know Ann truly cares about the quality of her work and that her customers (horse and rider) are satisfied. 

- Mollie Reynolds and Stuart Little

There are a couple people that I knew who had utilized Ann and her saddle fitting skills, and were very happy with the results.  I spoke to Ann regarding a little re-flocking work that needed to be done to my dressage saddle.  I own a Friesian Cross who can be difficult to fit.  Ann took her time, looking at my horse’s back, and the current fit of my saddle.  She proceeded to work with the flocking and made the adjustments which made my horse more comfortable.  She then observed his movement in work to ensure I was happy with the outcome.  I would recommend Ann to anyone needing some adjustments, or fitting of saddles, to horse and or rider.  She takes her time and is good at explaining what she suggests as the best fit for horse and owner.

- Tami and Zoren

Lots of posts about saddles and thought it timely to post some information about a quality saddlefitter - Ann Jacobson, with Jacobson's Saddlery. for those who are in the market for a new (or used) saddle. I don’t mean this as a commercial, just trying to be helpful to those who are struggling like me to find the right saddle for their horse.

My high-withered TB has been a challenge to saddle fit and Ann has been very useful in evaluating my test saddles and helping me streamline my search. Although she reps certain brands, she is very knowledgeable about a wide variety of saddle makers and can help identify those brands that will likely work best for your horse.

If you’ve ever had to saddle shop you know what a time-consuming pain it can be. Having a good saddlefitter on board is definitely a plus, and worth the few extra $ for ultimately finding the right saddle. 

Happy saddle shopping!

Liz W.

I am confident Ann will take the time to find the right saddle for your horse and you. 

- Ralph Hill (ROLEX Kentucky **** 3 Day Event Veteran Competitor for 20+ years)