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Concept Spine Free Dressage Pad - $75 
Concept Spine Free Saddle Pads
The design of the Concept Spine Free Saddle pads reduces the movement of the pad, maintains spinal clearance and provides air flow over the back. The pads were designed using temperature regulation research and the Pliance Pressure Mat System to lessen pressure and maintain air flow along the spine.

These pads have wide channels and are available in several contours to follow the horse's back. In addition, smaller Velcro tabs placed higher on the pad attach at the 'D' fall down staple to prevent the pad from being pulled down and out of place. The adjustable Velcro girth loops accommodate a wide variety of girthing styles and positions.

Cut-out sections behind the leg increases breathability of the pad and allow for whip contact.

They are machine washable and do not shrink.

To learn more about saddle pad design, click here.

Concept Spine Free Jump Pad - $75
Prolite Saddle Pads
Prolite pads offer 3-in-1 protection, first by absorbing impact from strikes and blows or rider movement, second by dispersing pressure points over a wider area, and third absorbing lateral movement to remain still against the skin.

In 2007 Prolite® underwent pressure mapping testing using the Society of Master Saddler's Pliance system.

The results were very impressive and on all the different saddles tested, Prolite® reduced the peak pressure (psi) by at least 25% on a well fitting saddle and over 30% on a badly fitting saddle.

Multi Riser Pad - $130
Tri Pad - $130
Relief Pad - $110
Adjustable Wither Relief Pad - $50
Prolite Cover - $23