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About Me
I am a life long equestrian who grew up in Southwest Iowa trail riding and participating in 4-H with my sisters and mom. After graduating from Iowa State University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, I was employed by Caterpillar. After marrying my husband Matt, I left Caterpillar because he was an officer in the Navy and there are no oceans in Illinois. I began to explore different riding disciplines, such as Eventing, Hunters, and Dressage. I chose to become a saddle fitter based on the difficulties I experienced with saddle fitting my own horse, Fox.  Having a background in engineering has given me a very beneficial and unique approach to saddle fitting, which has proven invaluable.

One of my proudest accomplishments was becoming the 22nd Qualified Saddle Fitter in the United States with the Society of Master Saddlers. This required a combination of 5 years of classes, practical experience and multipart rigorous exam given in the United Kingdom. You can learn more about my journey to be a QSF by clicking here and my education as a saddle fitter.