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Jacobson’s Saddlery accepts cash, check and credit cards.

Credit Card Purchases above $500 will be subject to a 3% convenience fee. 

What is your saddle trial policy?

All in stock, used and demo saddles are available for trial. Takt Saddlery have their own policies which I follow. Please ask for details  

Trials are 5 days in duration and are available both locally and by mail. In order for you to take a saddle on trial you must agree to the following terms.

1.Prospective buyer agrees to pay all shipping charges (both to and from Jacobson’s Saddlery). If shipping the saddle, full cost will be charged before shipping. I am more than happy to send a return label and deduct the cost from the refund.

2.Prospective buyer agrees to pay for saddle and shipping in full prior to saddle being shipped out. (This can be done via an online/emailed credit card invoice generated by Square). Shipping charges vary based on location – normally $40 to $60 each way.

3.Prospective buyer agrees to pay any credit charge transaction fees - these will not be refunded in the event of a saddle being returned and a refund being issued. Only the price of the saddle will be refunded.

4.Prospective buyer agrees to return or ship the saddle back to Jacobson’s Saddlery within 5 days after the end of the trial (As confirmed by tracking number if not a local trial.)

5.Prospective buyer agrees to return the saddle in the same condition they received it in. We do make note of any blemishes or marks on the saddle before shipping; if any damage occurs that will impact the value of the saddle while in your possession, you will be billed at 25% of the asking price as well as repair costs. We’ve only rarely had to make use of this policy, so please help us help you by handling the saddle gently while in your care. This includes damage incurred while shipping not covered by insurance.

6.Prospective buyer may be subject to a restocking fee of a minimum of 15% of the saddle price if any trial saddles are held longer than trial period stated on this webpage. Refunds for any portion of the value of the saddle will only be issued once the saddle is returned.

7.To make the most of your trial period, please use the saddle as you normally would—take a lesson, hack out, jump, etc! We don’t require the leathers to be wrapped, but we do ask that you take special care not to mark the saddle beyond the condition it was received in. You’ll need to tighten the girth and ride normally to properly assess the fit and feel of the saddle. For English saddles, we recommend using a girth with roller buckles to avoid creasing the leathers. 

8.If you need to meet with a trainer, fitter, or other professional that can’t make it within the trial period or the weather is just not helpful, we can usually accommodate an extension. If you would like to request an extension, please make sure to contact us before the last day!

9: For ordering saddle a non-refundable deposit is require.

For the conclusion of trial and purchase here are the complete terms and conditions.