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Fairfax Preformance Bridles
Prolite Pads
Stirrup Leathers
Designed to cushion and protect, Prolite® saddle pads reduce pressure points, enhance weight distribution and improve saddle stability. Perforated for cooling air flow, Prolite® pads offer exceptional low-profile, shock-absorbing comfort. Available in standard, riser and non-slip models.

The pads start at $85.

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I carry a full range of girths including the following:

  - Fairfax Performance Girth 
  - Prolite
  - Black Country
  - Custom Saddlery
  - Thorowgood

The girths start at $35.
Starting at $75.

- Fairfax
- Black Country
- Custom Saddlery
- Kent and Masters

In addition to saddles, I carry a variety strap good options to match your perfect saddle.  I keep the most popular items in stock and of course can special order items. Please email me for prices, to order, or if you have any questions.
The first bridle to be based on scientific research and proven to:

  - Reduce pressure by up to 84%
  - Reduce force by up to 77%
  - Allows greater forelimb extension
  - Increases knee & hock flexion

The Performance Bridle is the only bridle to have been designed and developed using pressure mapping (by Pliance) and gait analysis (by Centuar Biomechanics).  

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