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                                                                        Phone Number: 612-799-3811

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Email: thesaddlefits@gmail.com
Jacobson's Saddlery, LLC
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Mailing Address: 

    Ann Jacobson
    1385 Fordham Drive #105
    Virginia Beach, Va. 23464
email:  thesaddlefits@gmail.com

Phone Number: 612-799-3811

Please emailing me at thesaddlefits@gmail.com with the following information:​​

​ * Why you are interested in an appointment?

        - For an evaluation/adjustment of current saddle  
        - If you are looking for a different saddle please tell me what type of saddle, seat size, approximate tree size and what 
            you like in a saddle

* Address of the stable

* Picture of your horse from the side

* Any other information you think I might find helpful