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My Brands
I carry a wide range of saddles for every rider, horse and budget.  Each of my brands is selected to provide the best fit to optimize the rider's and horse's performance.  I have personally selected these brand because I know how important the saddle can be to your comfort and ability to perform well and your horse’s happiness and performance.  I have over 100 new and used saddles for your selection plus endless custom options.  I offer trials on all of my new saddles.  Please email me to see what is available or to order a saddle.
Black Country Saddles
 This company is synonymous with quality and innovation. They have a wide range of saddles to suit all types of horses. Black Country is committed to providing you with the best possible product. Black Country does not mass produce saddles. They continue to use quality British materials, from the initial stages of the wood laminated Spring Trees to 100% wool flocking. English leathers and skilled craftsman are found in their factory at Walsall, England.   

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Saddles starting at $2995.
Takt Saddlery
The founders of Täkt recognized the need for a customer focused approach to the saddle buying experience including Täkt's revolutionary Loaner Saddle Program. From the beginning, our corporate mission was simple; support our customers before, during and after each sale, deliver the highest quality products and services. We know our customers are passionate about riding, and we share that passion. Täkt Saddlery, Incorporated was formed by riders, for riders. 

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Saddles starting at $3695.
Kent and Masters
We are proud that all our saddles are handmade in England by skilled craftsmen and qualified master saddlers using traditional techniques. We combine this heritage with scientific research & testing plus saddle-fitting expertise to develop fitting solutions for even the trickiest conformation.

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Saddles starting at $1295.

Fairfax Saddlery
Fairfax's mission is to improve your horse’s performance with our range of scientifically proven saddles, bridles and girths. All Fairfax saddles are handmade in England by highly skilled craftsmen and Master Saddlers using the finest English leather.  

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Saddles starting at $2300.
Fuller-figured, fine and slender or somewhere in between… there is a saddle in the Thorowgood range that suits your horse’s body shape and follows every curve and contour of his back. It’s the saddle your horse would choose. Lightweight and reassuringly kind from the start, it offers cushioning luxury that allows him to relax and move freely.
Enjoy the peace of mind that your horse is truly comfortable, with Thorowgood. 

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Saddles starting at $695.