Jacobson's Saddlery
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  • Saddle Fitting Appointments: email for price which included travel    
                - Static and Dynamic Evaluations
                - Minor Flocking Changes
                - Demo Trials

  • Complete Reflock: $300

  • Billet Replacements: $35/Billet or $125/Saddle

  • Tree Adjustments: $200

  • Repairs: Email for availability and price
Saddle evaluations are not just for when you are buying a saddle; the saddle you own needs regular maintenance. Over time, the wool compresses and shifts so the perfect saddle for your horse will not stay that way. Additionally, your horse’s back changes shape with a changing work load and age. You should have your saddle fitted at least once a year at a minimum. If your horse is young and growing, or has dramatic changes in work load, your saddle should be checked more often.