Jacobson's Saddlery
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Scheduling and Appointment
To schedule an appointment, please fill out this form and email it to me.  You can copy and paste it into an email.

At the time of the appointment, please have your horse ready to ride, but not tacked up. If the horse needs to be lunged before riding, please do so before the appointment. 

An appointment will include both a static and dynamic fitting of the saddle.

The static fitting will begin with a discussion of your horse’s history and your riding goals. I will take a tracing of your horse’s back. I will then proceed to look at the fit of the saddle in relation to your horse’s shape. I am more than happy to look at multiple saddles to find the best saddle for further evaluation in the dynamic portion of the fitting. For wool saddles, minor adjustments will be made by adding or removing flocking. For non-wool saddles, I will work with shims to find the best possible fit.

The dynamic portion involves you riding the horse to see how the saddle fits during movement. During this time I will check your balance, watch how the horse is moving, and make final adjustments and evaluations.